Friday 9 March 2012

Because I love Jesus!

Today, I traveled.... all the way to the Observatorio stop on the Metro. If you don't know where that is... I feel like between there and back I traveled approx. half way around the globe. It took me about 2.5 each way!

But it was worth it. There is a group from Wayne State in Mexico City serving for their spring break. A few of them came to see me here in Ixtapaluca on Wednesday and while here they told me they are doing a wheel chair outreach... so i decided to go check it out!

When I first got there we went up and down the streets handing out flyers to everyone we saw asking if they knew anyone who was in need of a wheelchair. Being with only people from Nebraska... I was the one who knew the most spanish... eeeek. But, I managed to hold my own and have some slow conversations!

When we got back they had already started the "ceremony" of handing out the wheelchairs. They had a skit... then the pastor of that church presented the gospel and told why they were doing this, then they had each person come up and say something.

I am not sure how many people came who needed wheel chairs... my guess is around 20.

ALL of the people there... from what I have been told... have never been to church there before! But, there were parents carrying children in and older people who could barely walk.... they all had a need and today their lives were made a little easier!

When it was all over everyone was kinda hanging around and waiting for the last chairs to be put together. I started talking to an older lady.... She asked if this was a gift or what she had to do to get it. When I said this was free... it was a gift, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked why. "Because we love you. and God loves you. And we love God" is basically how I replied. And she had no idea how to respond... but then the conversation had to end because her son (or i think it was her son) came to take her home, in her brand new--- and first... wheelchair! I handed her the book of John and she left.

It is amazing to see people coming together (i think four different organizations had people there!) to meet a need of a community!

Today has left me exhausted (I traveled ALOT, and I stretched my spanish speaking skills to the max...) and fully of joy and wonder at the amazing things God has up his sleeve around these parts!

I am hoping to be able to do one of these events here in Ixtapaluca in June!

Some pictures!

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