Friday 4 May 2012

quirkiness of living in Mexico

So, there are so many things that I feel like are normal now.... that the rest of the world might think is ... well quirky.... or should I just say different or unique! Some of the things are just around my house... and some are cultural =)

First 15 list (in no particular order)...I am sure there will be a round two to this blog eventually! Also, I have realized how strange our culture is in the states too.. expect a blog about that! =)

1. I can't just put my trash outside and have it picked up. A giant truck comes by everyday (well it is suppose to be everyday, but realistically its a couple times a week).  First a guy comes by ringing bell telling us the truck is on its way. Then you wait, anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours for him to make his way to your street. You have to be home when he comes or you can by like me and sprint home when i hear his horn! Then you take your trash out to them... give them some money and they go about your day.

2. No one ever has change... not even walmart. If you use anything bigger then a 100 peso bill (about 9 dollars) you just pray they can provide change!

3. Water. Everyone knows you can't drink the water here. But, how do you get water? Well, i have to be home.... when i hear someone yell AGUUUUUUUUUA. Then I hand him my 20 liter water bottles to go and fill up. I pay him 10 pesos (about 90cents) for one 20 liter thing.

3. My kitchen facet. You have to have patience for this. If you turn the knobs too much or not enough  it won't turn off. It makes me smile watching new people try this!

4. Gas. Agian you have to be home... seeing a trend here? I know why people can't work! When i hear GAAAAAAAS i run outside and flag them down. They exchange my tank, pay them etc. I think normally they come everyday unless i need them. I have chased after the gas guy and paid him extra to come back near my house!

5.  People much rather come to your house then call and text. I love it. =)

6. Someone said that a motocycle or Moped (is that spelled right?) is a family vehicle. It is true! Ive see 2 adults, 2 kids and a baby on one once!

7. The random people driving, biking, or behind a donkey selling things. This can be bread, frozen popsicle like things, tortillas, furnature, tomales, etc etc. And they YELL! I am impressed they have a voice left at the end of the day!

8. My neighbor. Ok i don't think SHE is normal! But, she does provide me constant entertainment and always expect to be suprised by her... whether it is her playing with fire, thowing things at my door,  or arguing with my dog.... its always interesting.

9. Typically in Mexico they use their ovens for storage. They usually lack storage space, so why not!

10. "Mary Boxes" thats what Tiffany and I call them anyways. They are everywhere. Small shrines of mary. Different parts of they year Mary gets to come out of her box. I have sat next to a giant mary in combis ect.

11. My stove/oven. It was free so i am not complaining here. BUT, i have to put a chair in front of it to keep the door closed in order to bake anything. annnnnd have to check it every two minutes because the temp goes up and down for whatever reasons.
My stove... well only one burner really works... and the others kinda work.

12. Banking/Money system. Gone is the days when I can pay all of my bills online. I have to travel to all the buisnesses to pay the random bills like cell phone, or internet. My landlord comes knocking on my door once a month wanting rent .... in cash! And Lord help you if you have to go to the bank to pay a bill. The line is usually out of the building. You can wait anywhere from 10 minutes to HOURS! And that is normal!

13. Parties are BIG! There typically isn't such thing as a small gathering. Lots of food, lots of people, sometimes inflatables, and lots of time. I think they are typically a lot of fun!

14. No heating or airconditing.... The myth that Mexico is always hot... well its wrong. In the winter I can see my breath in my house. And this time of year i sweat until about midnight in my house!

15. If you go to someones house. Expect to be fed EVEN when you say no! There have been several times where I would go talk to someone and be there for an hour or two... and them keep shoving food in front of me!


  1. Good stuff! Reminds me of this list I made a while ago:

  2. What a great post! Entertaining and insightful. What a fascinating place for you to live and minister. Miss you, friend!