Sunday 14 December 2014

Coro Unido de Puebla

We are so fortunate here in Mexico to have so many talented people as missionaries. (Almost) every year for the last nine years the Vanderwerf's (Terry and Helen) have used their talents to put on the most incredible Christmas concert. 

Well over 400 singers, dancers and instrument players set the stage last night for the first of two nights of the concert. 

Not only is it a huge under taking to be able to get 400-500 people organized, but they were faced with many challenges this year along the way (robberies, issues with people not being able to show up the day of the show, etc). But, by God's grace, all obstacles were over come and the Gospel was clearly shared. 

This years theme was "un regalo de Amor"--- "A gift of love". Complete with a Christmas tree full of choir members. It was a wonderful performance to a completely packed house!

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