Sunday 22 March 2015

The needs of the world.

I love being able to expose people to the needs of the world. Yesterday was one of those days

. I took the Jesus Maria youth to an Orphanage in Puebla (called Esperanza Viva- Living Hope). We played games, did a skit, and a craft with the kids. I do have to say, the youth did a great job hanging out and playing with the kids. 

While the kids at the orphanage seemed to love the time that we were there. My favorite part is hearing the experience the youth had. One youth in particular had a hard time understanding why people would treat kids bad. We talked a little bit and then said "we need to help with stuff more often, there are people hurting and we need to help them".

My hope in trips like this is more than just providing some fun for who we are serving. I want the people we are serving to see Christ in us... but I also want to show people the needs in the world. There are so many. One day, these youth will change the world!

Anyways, it was a good day! =0)

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