Saturday 7 May 2016



A principle that we are meant to rest in. To cling to. A security, a resting place.... a promise.

However it is hard for people to find hope in the midst of chaos, a mountain that seems impossible to climb. Yet, we know what is true. That God has told us to trust Him, to rest in Him, to believe in Him and to believe Him... to HOPE in Him.

There are people all over that have subject to harsh realities. They have been enslaved by sin, burdened by control, abused, ashamed. But, when I look into there eyes, you almost always see some sort of glimmer of hope. But that relationship with hope can wane, can suffer, can easily be questioned.

Living here I have had moments of attack, defeat and suffering... unlike I have ever experienced before. However, it usually isn't my own suffering I endure, its seeing the suffering of others that I have come to love.

Seeing the prostituted or orphaned or abused is sometimes hard for me to accept as real. When you serve people who are not even use to getting all of their basic needs in life met it is truly hard to understand and grasp. Because I (and most of those who are reading this) have not lived this desperation.

But now I have seen it with my own eyes. I have had conversations, shed tears and loved people going through this.

It breaks my heart a little every time I step inside the orphanage, walk down the red light district, or go into the old folks shelter. Sometimes joy is hard to find.

But God has hidden His truth in me. During the frustrations, the hurts and the failings I want to go back to truth.

Hebrews 6:19 says, "The HOPE is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary."

Of course that verse is a comfort, but what is HOPE truly? What makes it strong? What makes it trustworthy? How can it be an anchor?

But, hope has to do with the promise. It is all about God's plans, God's will... God's kingdom and abilities.

So, hope can be strengthened.. it can be renewed and even reborn. If we allow. What has been wasted can be repurposed. What is not aligned can be redirected. Hope means that Gods power is greatest and He can really do the seemingly impossible.

He can touch anything and anyone and make them new.

He is our greatest safety.

The HOPE that we have reveals our trust in the God who sees everything. It reveals what we believe about Him and who we believe Him to be.

If our hope does not exist.... then we will never be able to see the miracles in our midst, the provision, the grace, the faithfulness of our Father.

God is in the business of renewal. Renewing the HOPE that we have that God has a purpose and a plan for His children. Also renewing the hearts of the people.

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