Thursday 9 May 2013

Phase ONE complete!

First of all, I can not help but wonder what the Catholic Church in Ixtapaluca is celebrating today--- of you know please enlighten me. How do i know they are celebrating? THE FIREWORKS THAT HAVE BEEN GOING OFF SINCE LAST NIGHT.

Anyways, not why I wanted to update my little blog today!
The reason....
WE ARE 100%  funded for the first phase of our church building fund!
That means we have enough to purchase the land, the taxes and the transfer of the title. Praise GOD! this does not include construction of the building- that is phase two!

It has been incredible to see everyone here come together and do whatever they can to raise money for this land. Selling food, selling clothes, selling anything really!

Thank you's also go out to all of the individuals and churches in the US and Canada.

This has truly been a team effort!

Please continue to give and continue to pray!... we still need to do the construction!

Check out our financial updates!

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