Sunday 21 June 2015

Albergue Ayudando A Una Esperanza De Vida

Recently we found out about a place in Ixtapaluca that takes in mistreated, abused, and homeless older people.

It is actually a little building inside a brick making place. I would guess that most people have no idea that place even exists.  The people that own the brick place let this place be in there indefinitely for free (they pay for what they need, nothing more). Which is amazing seeing as they don't have much... paying for a place to be would be out of the question.

The family that takes care of this place... does so with patience, love, passion and a great attitude.

There are, currently, 25-26 people living there. Most of them are older than 80 years old. The guy told me that the vast majority of them lived on the streets before going to the home. The vast majority were homeless because they were abused in the place they were living. Most people don't have any one come and visit them, or pay for them to be there etc.

A couple of them are younger with mental disabilities. Same situation... mistreated abused and abandoned.

This place is better than living on the streets, that is for sure. But, it is far from a home where they have their family around them. They have food, but usually don't eat meat. They have beds--- 25 in one room! They don't have water and gas, but when they do they are thankful! They don't have many visitors, but love when they do!

Over the past week, we have been able to go visit the people in this home three times. We were able to spend time with them, do crafts with them, serve them, love them. We were able to give them all the cleaning supplies they needed for now, rice, beans, oil, and some chairs.

We plan on this being an ongoing ministry. Please pray we can be a light in this place. Pray we can help in any way we can. Pray we can give these older people the love they need and deserve!

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