Wednesday 17 June 2015


Well, tonight we were able to do another wheelchair outreach. I have loved every.single.time we have been able to share the gospel and present a chair to a person that really needs it. There is nothing better than watching someones life change instantly. WE know that happens when they accept the Jesus... but to watch the physical change in someone when they receive a chair, is also pretty amazing! It often times means that mom and dad do not have to carry their child anymore or that someone can now leave their house (maybe for the first time in a long time)!
Tonight we were able to give out 8 wheelchairs with a bible with each one. The team shared a great skit about Jesus' love for us. Mayra shared the Gospel to everyone there (probably 70 people). Several more people asked for bibles. And we ate a whole lot of food! Good day =0)

We are hoping to get more chairs, if you want to give to this ministry... e-mail me!

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