Saturday 21 November 2015

The Car saga, final Part (i hope)

I could have written a part between this one and the one before.

I'll catch you up...
I went to buy my hatch back at Chevrolet. When he told me that he could find a used one... I didn't think it would be such a sketchy deal. But, buying it... in the dark.... not at the chevrolet dealership... and paying him very discreetly... but alas, I had a hatch! Shady... the whole thing was very shady.

I took it the next day (Thursday) to the auto body guy, who told me it would work! YAY! Said it would be done Saturday at noon! YIPPEE! 

Today I went around 1pm.... it is Mexico! My jaw about hit the floor when he told me it would be one more hour... its always, one more hour!

I know better, now, than to go back exactly an hour later. So, i ran some errands and went back. He told me the window guy was in fact... 10 minutes away (and he wanted me to pay his taxi) and it will take an hour. Went and ate lunch and came back and it was done!! 

(All done except I need to take the leave the tape on the back window until Tuesday... and I cant drive with the windows down til then either... the wind can knock out the back window until the glue has time to set.)

Happy to have Madam Blueberry back! Maggie is also excited, she loves her car! I am tempted to never drive her again and just sit and look at her! ;)

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