Friday 15 June 2012

wheelchairs, breakdancing, and the Gospel!

Tonight was a tremendous night at our community center. Seriously, it may have been the best night since I have been here!

We started our evening off with some classes and ended it with an event.

We assembled 18 of the 25 wheelchairs we had and set them up just in time for everyone to show up. Colin started things off with a small breakdancing performance and then Sofia took it away with a killer Gospel presentation using paint!

Following that we were able to distribute the wheelchairs to the needed people. We had 9 or 10 from the local special needs school alone and a hand full of others from our community.

These are people that are being carried around by parents or loved ones because they can not afford a wheelchair for their loved one. These are people who primarily are looked down on in the community. the outcasts. the rejected. the lonely.

Can you imagine having a disability and then not being able to afford something so simple as a wheel chair? Something we take completely for granted 99% of the time.

I thank God that we were able to meet a need tonight for these people. I pray that we can keep being a part of their lives. I pray that they come to know that they are not outcasts, the rejected... they are created in the image of God...just like ALL of us!

We finished off the evening with another breakdancing demonstration and Colins testimony!

At one point I counted around 200 people who were there... that doesn't count the people just hanging around at a distance listening!

It was a GREAT night-- One that even brought tears to my eyes at one point!

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