Saturday 4 February 2012

Puppies and Coffee

Yes, this is a three post kinda day... =)

Today was suppose to be the "Grand Opening" of the coffee shop. But, just the youth showed up, for the most part, so we played games, drank coffee and just hung out-- oh yes, the Cottrill's made an appearance as well!

I took a couple pictures of different coffee shop stuff, i thought i would show you!

But first, I want to show you this puppy... I named him George. He hung around the coffee shop and the youth played with him. I tried to get my dog to like him so that i could keep him, but no luck... Maggie doesn't like other dogs. After trying to give him away he went home with the youth... but the little guy stole my heart. He needed a bath and a vet visit (he was attacked but you can't see it in this picture.) He was the sweetest little thing.

And some random coffee shop pictures!

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