Thursday 19 July 2012

NEW Camino Global President

This morning we had the amazing opportunity to hear about all of the past presidents of our mission (both in Central American Mission and CAM International) and kick off the "reign" of our new Camino Global President... Doug Livingston!

New Name, New website, new president... what a week!

Wednesday 18 July 2012


We are half way through our CAMINO GLOBAL (formally CAM International) once every 10 years convocation. This is a special convocation because we are launching a NEW name, a NEW website, and a NEW president.

I have very much enjoyed seeing the past of this mission and now looking forward to the future of it as well!

Please note that...

Our website has changed!

My email is different

AND the giving site for me is different. If you are already signed up for every month giving... then no worries everything gets transfered over. If you give monthly, want to give monthly, or give every once in a while... please take note of this website!

Monday 16 July 2012

now thats a lot of missionaries!

Ever wonder what a whole lot of missionaries looks like?

We are in the midst of our every 10 years or so convocation.... Every missionary and thier family are suppose to attend this convocation if able.This year we are celebrating a new name, a new president, taking time to honor our past, having fun in God's wonderful creation, fellowshipping, meeting new people, worshipping, laughing. ya... its been a good time so far!

We are in Estes Part until Saturday. Please pray for all of us out here!

Thursday 12 July 2012

an early birthday!

Last night was a "suprise" birthday party for me.... I kinda already knew about it, but it was fun either way!

There was a pinata, cheese cake balls, lots of laughs, and great friends.

I am one blessed person!

On a competely un related note.... please be praying for Martin and Laura. Martin (pastor of the Santa Barbara church plant) was held up at gunpoint the other night. you can read about it on Rod's blog.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Bye Bye Interns

I can not believe the internship is OVER! The 6 weeks has flown by. I have absolutely LOVED having them here... their spirit, thier energy, thier sense of humors, their willingness to serve God!

Can't wait for next years group... but first a trip the US... starts in less than a week!

Please be in prayer as the whole missionary family with Camino Global travels to colorado this week! Rod and his family will be crossing the border on tuesday (driving) and the Cottrils, tiffany and I will fly out on Satuday!

Thursday 5 July 2012

4th of July!

First 4th of July outside of the states... but we still did all the traditional stuff except get sunburnt laying by the pool all afternoon!

For lunch, we went over to the Frys House where of course we had hamburgers and hotdogs, salads, crazy bilingual 4th of July games and cheescake!

Day three of VBS wrapped up last night. It started a little rainy and I think it hindered some people from coming out BUT it was, never the less, a great night! In the youth we talked about prayer... and had a great conversation... then we had a little fun tiedying!

Of course, the 4th of July wouldn't be complete without some fireworks!

And sadly, we also said goodbye to Myhiah last night. She has been staying in my house for the past two months! I can't believe she already has to leave! Have a great trip Myhiah, you will be missed!

Monday 2 July 2012


Day One: VBS!

Even though right before VBS began it was a downpour of rain, for the most part the night ended well with just some sprinkles around dinner time!

I have no idea how many kiddos showed up, but we did have 15 youth, a couple new, come!
For the youth we are playing a game, doing some worship, watching a Nooma video, discussion and then MORE games! =) It was a great time tonight!

Please pray for the rest of the week.... no rain, new kids, open hearts, lots of fun!

San Miguel de Allende

The interns, Tiff and I were able to head to San Muguel de Allende for a little weekend getaway. It was definetly a girls weekend where we just hung out, laughed alot, got to know each other better and rested (mostly by the pool!)

Good times were had by all =) Plus it was a BEAUTIFUL city!