Tuesday 29 November 2016

I am thankful!

There are so many things to be thankful for, this time of year makes everyone think about all the blessings in life!

I am thankful that a bunch of us got together for thanksgiving! It was fun to be able to have an American style thanksgiving with some of our team mates! (thanks Alan for the pic!)

I am thankful that the last few weeks I have finally been able to move in and begin settling into my house here in Amealco! I absolutely LOVE the house and I am excited on how God is going to use this house!

                    I have been getting everything I need to survive the winter here in Amealco! For          
                   example... lots of wood for the fireplace! We went out and loaded it onto the truck, by the  
                   load--- donkey load that is! 

I am super thankful that all three of my dogs are at my house now-- and healthy! Hippo had Parvo virus but is happy, healthy and a growing pit bull now! Maggie is still queen of the house, and she just ignores the very existence of the others. And Gerty is crazy but I am working with her to make her a little more obedient to match her sweet personality! These girls will keep me busy! But they will be the perfect alarm and security system in my house!

I am excited and thankful for the future of the ministries that are, Lord willing, going to be starting in Amealco after the beginning of the year! The market spaces we are renting are nearly done and it is fun to watch the progress! The person we are renting it from is super excited about the ministry that is going to be happening there... so much so that he is giving it to us at a SUPER SUPER low cost. He is also trying his hardest to get it done as fast as possible--- even to the point of selling his wifes car to help with the cost. 

I am also thankful for the opportunity to serve here in Mexico. While change is hard and there are so many things to learn and get use to here in Amealco. God is faithful and it has already proven to be something fun and exciting. We have been able to see God's hand in the details. 
I miss all of my friends and team mates in Ixtapaluca, ALOT! But, I am thankful for the team that I am on now too! It has been a blessing the last few months to get to know the Hower's. We have had a lot of fun getting my house ready, playing lots of board games, planning the next stages of ministry etc.