Saturday 12 April 2014

3rd annual easter egg hunt!

1008 Plastic Eggs stuffed with candy
600 Sugar Cookies
18 recipes of frosting
10 Kilos of hard boiled eggs
8 buckets of dye
250 people to have fun and hear the gospel. 

Thanks everyone who helped make this event a success! So fun! =0)

Friday 11 April 2014

Getting Ready

Today was-- get ready for the Easter Egg hunt outreach day.

Seven hours of making sixteen recipes of frosting, boiling 200 eggs and baking more than 600 cookies... and now everything is ALMOST ready for tomorrow!

The dough was made a few days ago, so we just had to pull it out and bake today.

Today went almost without anything happening. WE ran out of gas at the community center and had to move the operation to my house.... One time my oven pretty much fell over (its on bricks) and i burnt a few fingers. But other than that... smooth sailing!

Lily is ready for her presentation of the resurrection eggs too!

I love events like this!

Thursday 10 April 2014

Tiempo de Vivir closing Ceremony!

After we handed out 650ish flyers today for this Saturdays easter egg hunt outreach... we had our closing ceremony for this block of classes!

We celebrated English Class, Baking Class, Country Dance Class, Soccer, Crafts, Exercise, and Guitar. Jim gave a little devotion and we ate (no mexican celebration is complete without food!) Good time, good turnout (although i wish more class participants would have come), good food ;)

Sunday 6 April 2014

and we celebrate four years!

Today we celebrated our fourth anniversary as a church in Jesus Maria. It is pretty incredible to see what God has done and see the vision for the future.

It is an honor to work here in Jesus Maria.

We had participation from all of the groups, Chalo (and Beth) came from Puebla to preach, and we ate (whats a good celebration without food)

Praise the Lord for our church, our building and the community here.

Youth Leaders Conference

Friday and Saturday was spent at a youth leaders conference in Mexico City. A total of eight people went from the two churches in Ixtapaluca. It was a good time to hear about youth ministry in Mexico. Pray about the youth here and hear/share ideas!
I was proud that i kept up (listening and talking) in Spanish for a whole two day conference... =0)

I hope to have the opportunity to go next year!