Thursday 28 January 2016

Puppy Dogs and Coffee.. These are a few of my favorite things!

I love the way you can make friends. Like dogs and coffee!

 I have wrote about my dog being a tool to get to know people before.... but people love her. I think people love her more than me.  Almost everyday when walking the Maggie, someone stops me to pet her and ask about her. Sometimes kids come to the door to ask if she is home. =0) Having a doggie makes it easy and natural for me to go outside several times a day, walk around the neighborhood, see people all the time and get to know people.
Not to mention, I would get super lonely if i didn't have my pup baby.

Coffee! I love coffee, I have people over a couple times a week to have coffee (sometimes after they knock on the door to pet the dog)!
Anyways, yesterday i went to Italian Coffee at the mall. I never go there because... well...  I can make better coffee at home. But, I had to go to the bookstore and just stopped by the coffee shop. I ordered and the girl taking my coffee started talking to me about her story. She grew up in the states and her whole family was deported. She speaks Spanish but doesn't write it so had to drop out of school, etc, etc. We talked for a while, I gave her my phone number and left. I never expected she would contact me. But, as soon as she got off work, she texted me. Who knows where this could lead. Hopefully to me being able to share Jesus with her. Prayers for this is appreciated!

I should call my life doggie and coffee ministry ;)

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tiempo de Vivir - Jesus Maria

Now that (most) of our (missionary) focus is on the church plant in Palmas, the community center in Jesus Maria is left to the church there.

We are finally able to pay Mexicans to teach classes there. Not a ton, but every bit helps when you have to feed your kids!

Today, we have two people from Unchartered Waters sports ministry here teaching a handful of youth from the two churches to do sports ministry using their format. Jon, a lot of you know him or have at least heard from him, is going to be one the lead guys here. The non-profit and Unchartered waters will be able to PAY him to teach kids to play soccer and coordinate our leagues. This could possibly open up a whole new ministry for the churches!

Some people in the church are also offering classes now in the community center... math, physics, english etc.

Please pray for these activities as they start, specifically in Jesus Maria! It is great to see the church take on this responsibility.. plus its great that the non-profit can help them and their families!

Monday 25 January 2016

Classes, kids club and getting back into it all!

The last few weeks have been about getting back in the swing of things. Community center classes have started up, kids club and adult bible study has begun, and then back to normal involvement in other ministries too!

Tiempo de Vivir Classes:

Kids Club:

At the orphanage: A lady from the church is teaching plumbing. Doing homework help too!

And while half of the US is being hammered with snow. We have an active volcano!

Sunday 10 January 2016

Spring 2016 - Community Center Activities!

Tomorrow begins the next block of community center classes.

The community center approach to ministry allows us to get to know a person/ family/ group of people in a non-threatening way, in order to gain friendships AND share the Gospel! It is fun, it helps people, it opens doors and allows us to know people we would never be able to meet!

Please be praying for this block of classes, the outreaches that are scheduled for this spring, the kids club, and the bible study!