Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tiempo de Vivir - Jesus Maria

Now that (most) of our (missionary) focus is on the church plant in Palmas, the community center in Jesus Maria is left to the church there.

We are finally able to pay Mexicans to teach classes there. Not a ton, but every bit helps when you have to feed your kids!

Today, we have two people from Unchartered Waters sports ministry here teaching a handful of youth from the two churches to do sports ministry using their format. Jon, a lot of you know him or have at least heard from him, is going to be one the lead guys here. The non-profit and Unchartered waters will be able to PAY him to teach kids to play soccer and coordinate our leagues. This could possibly open up a whole new ministry for the churches!

Some people in the church are also offering classes now in the community center... math, physics, english etc.

Please pray for these activities as they start, specifically in Jesus Maria! It is great to see the church take on this responsibility.. plus its great that the non-profit can help them and their families!

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