Sunday 23 February 2014


Yesterday the youth had the opportunity to go to an orphanage in Puebla to hang out with the kiddos for a few hours.
They put together a skit, craft and snack with Daniel and the Lions Den story in mind. And they played a ton of games.
I am very proud of them and the work they put into this trip (meetings and practices). They are also very grateful for the opportunity they had. It was life changing for some of them!

Needless to say, they want to return. I am going to rest a little first!

Saturday 22 February 2014

The first few moments.

The other day we picked up Jessica from the airport. She is going to be with us for a year. It is exciting to see God bringing people to our little corner of the world.

Mayra and I were talking about what it is like to come here for a more than a little mission trip, but to live here.

I remember, although a lot of the first couple weeks are a complete blur to me, my feelings that day. Some friends took me to the airport. There were tears... although none of us cried until we parted ways. Knowing it would be at least a year before we saw each other face to face.

I had sent my dog the day before (which is nerve racking enough), so, I was always constantly worried about her and how she was doing. And after I had my bags checked and was at my gate I remember "well, no turning back now".

And then I got to Mexico City. I found my luggage and not my dog. Yep, i didn't even know enough Spanish to find my poor dog. And I ended up waiting what seemed like days for someone to pick me up. That is when I began to worry. What the heck was i doing? This is really what God wants me to do? I will never make it here. I can just buy a plane ticket and return to my home, my normal. I can just visit right?

Well I am happy to report... I survived the first couple days. I did more than that, I decided to stay here a long time! =0) It wasn't always easy. I remember almost being in tears the first time I watched a movie in Spanish because I understood nothing. I missed the people at home. I missed the convince of stuff in the states. But, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. God has changed me, used me, and continues to challenge me. I hope I have made as much of an impact here as this place has made on me (although i doubt it).

I hope Jessica can say she has had an equally impactful time after her year!

By the way, we have broke her into the crazy mexican way of getting things done here yesterday. =0)

Monday 17 February 2014

SNOW! oh and back in Mexico!

Here I am, neglecting my poor blog again.

I do have a little excuse, I was stuck in Virginia! Its great for a Nebraksa girl to see snow! =0) But over two feet is a little excessive when i have a plane to catch! Whatever, I thought it was beautiful!

Ok, gearing up for a lots happening this week. Classes, english tutoring, bible studies, getting ready to take the youth to an orphanage on Saturday, bible studies, getting Jessicas house read for her thursday arrival.... etc etc! 

Rod wrote about a meeting he has on friday, please be praying about that! Some fun things coming your way from here!

Saturday 8 February 2014

just a week.

This week was another fun week in the community center. Lots o people in all the classes. I definitely think this is one of our best sets of classes yet. English, keyboarding, guitar, kids craft, baking, country dance, exercise and soccer.... so much fun!

At some point this week, I think it was tuesday... we went to a local school and helped a little with the english classes. Topic this time was restaurant service. Rod did a great job making all the Americans hungry by talking about foods found on a US menu!

I felt like I spent a lot of time waiting this week. Waiting in line, waiting at the dentist office, waiting for the trash truck, waiting for the water man... waiting, waiting, waiting... and really not getting a whole lot done. But, sometimes, that is life here. 

Yesterday my house got filled up with wheelchairs again. 20 more to be exact. Rod just posted about that, so read it! 

Last night we had to say goodbye to our intern who has been with us about 3.5 weeks. Anson is the most patient math teacher EVER. He tutored math in english for Danny Fry and in Spanish for a hand full of others. He also taught Keyboard and English classes with the same amount of patience.

Anson headed to Puebla this morning but not before a little excitement! On the way there my car decided to stop working. Nothing like breaking down on a major highway while people are going 100mph. But a nice guy ended up stopping behind me, told me it was my fuel pump (had that replaced a week or two ago) and pushed my car back to Rod's house. 
The crazy thing about this is, I knew something was going to happen, I just had a feeling. I went and got extra money out for the trip to Puebla "just to be prepared". Thank goodness I did!

I think I need to buy a new(er) reliable car.

I hate to leave you all, my faithful five readers. But i need to clean, pack and walk the dogs. I leave at 4:30 tomorrow morning for Virginia. If you are at Liberty University, come check out the Camino Global booth, we would love to see you there!