Saturday 31 August 2013

A night at the Oscars- Mexico Style!

We had our first annual awards night with the youth group last night... with an overnight of course!

We dressed up, made nachos, had the awards (which they voted for two weeks ago), desserts, bonfire (well it never really got lit), worship, games and a movie... and a little sleep ;)

Fun times had by all- good last event before i head to the states for almost a month.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Just things.

My days have currently being filled with... getting ready for my trip to the States in two weeks--- getting church presentations ready, ordering prayer cards, finding new homes for my stuff in Nebraska (let me know if you need anything), planning a bachelorette party, getting travel plans organized, and setting up support raising meetings (if you want to get together, please let me know), making sure house things are in order for a month being gone. The family at my house has some classes going on  (english and drawing) and writing some bible studies for when i return.

In other news. We HAVE all the permits that we need to do the work we want to do (currently) on the land. BUT, apparently that's not enough. Read Rod's Blog for more details! Prayers appreciated for the land and everything that goes along with it.

Friday 9 August 2013

VBS wrapup!

Today ended our week long VBS for the summer. Theme: airplanes. Each day we went to a new place and saw a different part of the life of Jesus (Birth, childhood/teen years, teaching, death and resurrection).

We had a great week... starting with about 60 kids and ending with about 100- Several of them giving their lives to Christ. We did have some kids there that are already a part of our church family. BUT, there were so many new faces, it was encouraging!

Of course we had to end the week with airplane shaped pinatas for all the groups! =)

Praise God for a great week. Please pray for the kiddos that accepted Christ. Also pray for the new people we met and that heard the Good News.

Good time had by ALL and now a nap needed by all =0) Off to get ready for the youth group trip tomorrow to a water park. Maybe a nap on Sunday?

Monday 5 August 2013

VBS: Day One

Today we began our VBS! It is an airplane themed vacation bible school. First stop Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus!

70 kiddos made an appearance today, even MY neighbor came for 10 minutes (shock). It was a little crazy but everyone survived!

Saturday 3 August 2013

Two years and counting...

August 3, 2011 was the day I got on a plane and headed to Mexico. I had no idea what God had in store for me, but He did!

I had no idea what the culture was really like, if I would make any friends, what foods were available or more importantly not available, if i would ever be able to speak in Spanish,  if I would find my dog in the airport,what my house would look like, if I was making a huge mistake. etc. etc. etc.
I really came into this experience knowing very little, except that God was calling me here for two years (and then I PLANNED on going back to the states, getting a job and continuing on with my nice comfortable life).

But God knew it all. 

My God knows me. And He knows my absolute confidence when I say that my life, my heart, have been utterly transformed because of this crazy leap I took coming to Mexico. I am in awe of the absolute privilege it has been to be able to live and work here, sharing my life with people here as they share their life with me.

For whatever rough day, frustrated moment or hard experience (the joys of cross cultural living)  I have experienced, it is easily eclipsed by the amazing relationships that have formed, the experience of working alongside other missionaries and national leaders in a church plant, several other ministries and in homes, and the joy of seeing a lost hearts being made alive in Christ!

The past 2 years have been full of cherished days, and God has given me every reason to continue to trust Him and His plans for me. And with that confidence, I know every step He is asking me to take, even when they feel like crazy blind jumps, I will take them with running leaps. Because if they are like the last two years I want nothing less. 

I am beyond grateful that I am able to continue on with the journey of "the missionary life" in whatever form that will look like in the future (I may have finally learned, that only God knows the future no matter how much I want to plan!).

Thank you all who have supported me, prayed for me, listened to my stories and kinda took this journey with me! =0)
I can not wait to see what God has for the future!