Wednesday 25 November 2015

Thankful, very thankful

Oh give thanks to the Lord, 
for he is good, for his steadfast love 
endures forever! 
(Psalm 107:1)

Tis the season for thinking about all the blessings that God has allowed me. There is no list long enough to give proper thanks...but today I am thankful for....

- God sending His son Jesus as a sacrifice that we/I may enjoy eternal life.
- I am thankful for Gods protection in everything. I am sure there is more protection that He has given then we will ever know.
- I am thankful that God has given me friendships. Here in Mexico (both other americans and mexicans)  and those who I have remained close friends with in the US. They are always an encouragement to me, exactly when I need it.
- I am thankful for technology. It allows me to stay in touch with friends and family from far away!
- I am thankful for my dog. She is the perfect companion for me to have around the house.
- I am thankful for all the things i never wanted to experience, but did. Times that are hard, times that I feel lonely etc. I know that even through those times, God is in control and he has perfect timing.
- I am thankful for the ministries I am a part of.
- I am thankful for a house to sleep in, food to eat, clean water to drink and clothes to wear, and I pray often for those who are less fortunate.
- I am thankful for laughter.
- I am thankful for my car and the ability to be mobile.
- I am thankful for the creativity that God has given me.
- I am thankful for the simplicity of the outdoors and the closeness to God I feel when experiencing it.
- I am thankful God restores my soul.
- I am grateful for the education that I have.
- I am grateful God has given me the opportunities to travel and see the world in new ways.
- I am thankful for coffee... without coffee.... well, you know.
- I am thankful for campfires, one of my all time favorite things, even if i don't get to experience them more often
- my health, even when it isn't perfect.
- Sweatpants, hot chocolate, and heating blankets.
-A really good hug
- I am thankful that God gave me faithful supporters (both prayerfully and financially) in order to give me the opportunity to serve here in Mexico.
-I am thankful that God’s love is unfailing. He is true to His words. He loves me. And He knows exactly what I need, always.
I am thankful that my life’s far from being perfect because through the trials I am learning to TRUST God. Through the hardship I am learning more and more about God’s character as well as mine. I can cry and lean on God and no matter what He will never forsake me.  This I am the most grateful for.

Saturday 21 November 2015

The Car saga, final Part (i hope)

I could have written a part between this one and the one before.

I'll catch you up...
I went to buy my hatch back at Chevrolet. When he told me that he could find a used one... I didn't think it would be such a sketchy deal. But, buying it... in the dark.... not at the chevrolet dealership... and paying him very discreetly... but alas, I had a hatch! Shady... the whole thing was very shady.

I took it the next day (Thursday) to the auto body guy, who told me it would work! YAY! Said it would be done Saturday at noon! YIPPEE! 

Today I went around 1pm.... it is Mexico! My jaw about hit the floor when he told me it would be one more hour... its always, one more hour!

I know better, now, than to go back exactly an hour later. So, i ran some errands and went back. He told me the window guy was in fact... 10 minutes away (and he wanted me to pay his taxi) and it will take an hour. Went and ate lunch and came back and it was done!! 

(All done except I need to take the leave the tape on the back window until Tuesday... and I cant drive with the windows down til then either... the wind can knock out the back window until the glue has time to set.)

Happy to have Madam Blueberry back! Maggie is also excited, she loves her car! I am tempted to never drive her again and just sit and look at her! ;)

Tuesday 17 November 2015

The Car Saga Part Three

If you haven't read the first two parts....
Part One
Part Two

The process was put off a bit by a small trip to camp this last weekend, but came back and today was ready to find a solution.

I went on Thursday to Chevrolet to ask about new (and used) hatch backs for my car. New, 5000 pesos or 350 bucks. And he was going to talk to a friend who has a friend who buys cars that were totaled. He was going to call me in an hour... yep I have heard that before! =0)

Well five days later, still no call. But, he did apologize for not calling. And he DID find a used hatchback for less than half the price! YES! He assured he would call in an hour (I am starting to think that is all he knows how to say).

Well its been about four hours since he said one hour, but I will give him until tomorrow. I am hoping its here before Thursday.... but not holding my breath.

Anyways, at least i think there might have been a solution to everything today, now just to get it here and in the hands of the body work guy!

I am ready for my car to be healthy and looking normal again!

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Car Saga Part Two

I now know exactly why people get married:
Because when something unexpected happens... it takes two people to get everything (both the normal and what needs to be taken care of) done.  =0)

This morning I went back to the Agency and when I walked the guy just chuckled... which did nothing but frustrate me. He assured me that it would be there within an hour. I knew it was a lie. But, i'll bite.  As I waited, in the agency for the part to arrive... way longer than an hour. I just ran out of time. But, it did make the guy nervous that I basically just stared at him that long.

In the meantime, I  took my car to the body work guy to get started. He told me that everything but the paint will be done Friday at noon, just in time to leave town.

I went BACK again before the agency closed and they finally had the light. Phew! Never knew i would be so happy to see a light and back to give it to the guy who is working on the body.

BUT, when i got there he told me he had bad news. The hatch back could not be saved.

So back to the drawing board. I will go see what a new hatch back will cost at the agency tomorrow... but I hope to find a used one... I know it won't be cheap!

After all that, it looks like I will be busing it to camp this weekend!

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The saga will continue tomorrow.

In case you take for granted something to be done with easy... let me tell you a story ;)

When you are out to get something done here, you need to be prepared that it won't go as planned or as you wanted it to. I feel like this deserves a hashtag or two... #missionarylife #vivamexico #Lordhelpme

On Sunday afternoon, I got in a car accident. Long story, short I was slowing down and the guy behind me didn't. What saved me was that I was still in motion when he hit me at about 40mph. We pulled over but when asked for his insurance he took off. The police basically watched him leave and didn't do anything... were they working together, maybe? Anyways, fortunately my car was still drivable and i was able to leave.

Yesterday I went and ordered a new tail light. Which you can only purchase at Chevrolet because its a new car. (side note: if you are going to need to replace anything on your car avoid the tail light.... that sucker is expensive). Anyways, they told me to come back today to get it. Then Rod took me to the place he gets his cars body work done and he told me just to come back as soon as I get the light.

Seems easy, so i thought.

Today I went around 11:30am to get the light. I walked in and the same guy was behind the counter. "Oh, yesterday I forgot to call in your order". I asked if it would just be easier to go to the city (Where the main agency is) and get it myself. "Sure, go in a few hours and I will tell them you are coming".

I drove, all the way to the city.... and they told me they only had ONE and they sent it to Ixtapaluca. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Well, I was getting back just in time for class... so I had to wait to go get it.

When classes were done, I drove straight to the agency to get there before they close at seven. Would you believe that the parts part of the agency closed down early today? Yep.

So, the saga continues tomorrow!

On the happy side... I walked away with only soreness! And I ask you pray all that needs to happen to happen tomorrow! I am suppose to drive to help at a camp on Friday.