Tuesday 10 November 2015

The saga will continue tomorrow.

In case you take for granted something to be done with easy... let me tell you a story ;)

When you are out to get something done here, you need to be prepared that it won't go as planned or as you wanted it to. I feel like this deserves a hashtag or two... #missionarylife #vivamexico #Lordhelpme

On Sunday afternoon, I got in a car accident. Long story, short I was slowing down and the guy behind me didn't. What saved me was that I was still in motion when he hit me at about 40mph. We pulled over but when asked for his insurance he took off. The police basically watched him leave and didn't do anything... were they working together, maybe? Anyways, fortunately my car was still drivable and i was able to leave.

Yesterday I went and ordered a new tail light. Which you can only purchase at Chevrolet because its a new car. (side note: if you are going to need to replace anything on your car avoid the tail light.... that sucker is expensive). Anyways, they told me to come back today to get it. Then Rod took me to the place he gets his cars body work done and he told me just to come back as soon as I get the light.

Seems easy, so i thought.

Today I went around 11:30am to get the light. I walked in and the same guy was behind the counter. "Oh, yesterday I forgot to call in your order". I asked if it would just be easier to go to the city (Where the main agency is) and get it myself. "Sure, go in a few hours and I will tell them you are coming".

I drove, all the way to the city.... and they told me they only had ONE and they sent it to Ixtapaluca. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Well, I was getting back just in time for class... so I had to wait to go get it.

When classes were done, I drove straight to the agency to get there before they close at seven. Would you believe that the parts part of the agency closed down early today? Yep.

So, the saga continues tomorrow!

On the happy side... I walked away with only soreness! And I ask you pray all that needs to happen to happen tomorrow! I am suppose to drive to help at a camp on Friday.


  1. Yeah..and the local agency probably shipped it back knowing your were going to go get it and......

  2. Almost as hard as it was to get the paperwork for the car!