Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Car Saga Part Two

I now know exactly why people get married:
Because when something unexpected happens... it takes two people to get everything (both the normal and what needs to be taken care of) done.  =0)

This morning I went back to the Agency and when I walked the guy just chuckled... which did nothing but frustrate me. He assured me that it would be there within an hour. I knew it was a lie. But, i'll bite.  As I waited, in the agency for the part to arrive... way longer than an hour. I just ran out of time. But, it did make the guy nervous that I basically just stared at him that long.

In the meantime, I  took my car to the body work guy to get started. He told me that everything but the paint will be done Friday at noon, just in time to leave town.

I went BACK again before the agency closed and they finally had the light. Phew! Never knew i would be so happy to see a light and back to give it to the guy who is working on the body.

BUT, when i got there he told me he had bad news. The hatch back could not be saved.

So back to the drawing board. I will go see what a new hatch back will cost at the agency tomorrow... but I hope to find a used one... I know it won't be cheap!

After all that, it looks like I will be busing it to camp this weekend!

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