Monday 27 July 2015

Summer Wrap Up

And thats the end of an amazing summer!

Two Camino Global interns...
Two MissionXchange interns...
Three groups (From PA, IL and NJ!)
Six weeks!

Our busiest summer so far but it was great!

We were able to...
- Begin a new ministry at the shelter for the abused and abandoned grandparents
- Spend some time hanging out at the drug rehab center, see where they are moving, do a little painting for them
- Paint the church both upstairs and down stairs
- Layed a ton o' tile in the church!
- Paint the new community center
- Mow and clean around the Jesus Maria community center
- the interns helped at three different Jr. High Schools
- two soccer tournaments
- 2 a day sports camps for a week
- Gave away 8 wheelchairs at an event
- hung out with the Jesus Maria and Santa Barbara youth groups
- taught english, craft and self defense classes in the Las Palmas Community Center
- Shared the Gospel in many ways!

We also played games, had lots of laughs, did some site seeing, had a couple of crazy adventures, and had a fabulous time together!

I finished my summer in Dallas at the debrief for interns (Next Step) and hung out with some great friends!

Thanks for all your prayers this summer! God gave us the strength to get it all done!

Saturday 18 July 2015

Windsor Chapel!

A big shout out to Windsor Chapel for their hard work, great attitudes and great encouragement this past week. They served, loved and learned during their trip to Mexico!

They were able to paint the Palmas community center, finish the church painting, serve at the home for abused and abandoned old people, help get a place ready for a new drug rehab center, they taught crafts and martial arts, and helped us with a soccer tournament!

We also had plenty of adventures and saw God at work in mighty ways!

It was a great week. Thank you, Windsor Chapel!

Saturday 11 July 2015

Unchartered Waters Sports Camp

We had the privilege of having Unchartered Waters Sports Ministry and Gibson City Bible Church here in Ixtapaluca over the last week!

Basketball, Football, Soccer and Volleyball was played. Relationships were created. The Gospel was shared. All in the neighborhoods of Jesus Maria AND Las Palmas.

It was a great week. Thankful for groups who come down to sacrifice part of their summer to invest in what God is doing in Ixtapaluca!

Friday 3 July 2015

Prayers for Juanita!

We have had the privilege to serve in a home for abused, abandoned and mistreated elderly folks here in Ixtapaluca. (You can read more about the place here).

We ask your prayers for Juanita (Pictured above in the purple jacket). She is a precious lady at the home who has stolen our hearts. When we visited yesterday she was not feeling well. Last night she went into cardiac arrest and is in the hospital.

She has heard the Gospel a couple times, and it is very possible she is a believer! Please pray for her. For her, for the doctors, that God would comfort her, etc etc. You can also pray that He brings her family back to her during this time of trial. May this experience bring them back together.

She is a sweet sweet lady. We are sending her lots of hugs and prayers her way.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

We are challenging YOU!

Projects for youth groups, small groups, churches, a group of friends, a family, or just for you.

We, here in Ixtapaluca, are challenging YOU to help us raise funds for some projects!

1. MORE WHEELCHAIRS. We have been able to share the Gospel with over 150 people, people we would never be able to reach without wheelchairs. It is a great way to reach a huge need. At 20 bucks a chair, it changes a life! We would love to get 50. Will you help? e-mail me for more information or give here

2. HEARING AIDS. We want to begin giving away hearing aids. It is a cheap way, to improve someones life drastically. e-mail me for more information or give here

3. BEDS FOR A REHAB CENTER. We have been able to help with a drug and alcohol rehab center here in Ixtapaluca. They are soon moving to a new area and we want to help them get set up with beds (because often times they just sleep on the floor.) When they open the new center they will have a side for girls and a side for boys. The goal is to get boys and girls off the streets, get them clean and share the Love of God with them. Will you help us with this?e-mail me for more information or give here

4. ROOFS LATTERS AND BASIC NEEDS AT A CENTER FOR GRANDPARENTS.  We have recently started helping at a home for abused and neglected older people and people with disabilities. They lack a lot of basic things. We want to be able to help them as needs arise. Would you like to help with this?e-mail me for more information or give here

5. TIEMPO DE VIVIR COMMUNITY CENTER. We have lots of dreams for the community centers and non-profit. We want to pay believers in the church to give classes to the communities. We want to make a huge difference in the communities of Ixtapaluca!e-mail me  for more information or give here

6. 15 PASSANGER VAN. We need a better way to transport groups, teams and interns. We believe in the power that visitors have in the church plant and changing Ixtapaluca. But, we could really use a people mover or 15 passanger van or whatever. It is about a 30,000 dollar project and we have 5,000 of it!  A church could easily raise this amount!e-mail me  for more information or give here (and put in project number 063586)

Please note...
1. PLEASE e-mail me if you give, to specify where you want the money to go!
2. The 15 passanger van fund is a different number than the rest.