Monday 27 July 2015

Summer Wrap Up

And thats the end of an amazing summer!

Two Camino Global interns...
Two MissionXchange interns...
Three groups (From PA, IL and NJ!)
Six weeks!

Our busiest summer so far but it was great!

We were able to...
- Begin a new ministry at the shelter for the abused and abandoned grandparents
- Spend some time hanging out at the drug rehab center, see where they are moving, do a little painting for them
- Paint the church both upstairs and down stairs
- Layed a ton o' tile in the church!
- Paint the new community center
- Mow and clean around the Jesus Maria community center
- the interns helped at three different Jr. High Schools
- two soccer tournaments
- 2 a day sports camps for a week
- Gave away 8 wheelchairs at an event
- hung out with the Jesus Maria and Santa Barbara youth groups
- taught english, craft and self defense classes in the Las Palmas Community Center
- Shared the Gospel in many ways!

We also played games, had lots of laughs, did some site seeing, had a couple of crazy adventures, and had a fabulous time together!

I finished my summer in Dallas at the debrief for interns (Next Step) and hung out with some great friends!

Thanks for all your prayers this summer! God gave us the strength to get it all done!

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