Friday 17 March 2017

A little progress!

This last week we had a wonderful team from Judson University here to help us get a head start on getting everything with the community center and coffee shop going.

We were able to get the foundation poured for the coffee barn. We had to get a little creative because we ran out of water about half way through, but we ended up pulling water from about every source we could think of in order to get the job done.---- The joys of putting up a building in the middle of dry season!

After we were done pouring all the concrete it decided to RAIN... and HAIL. (haha) So we have a non slick surface instead of something completely slick.

It was slightly emotional to see the first big project complete for the community center and coffee shop complete. So many months of dreaming, planning and organizing and things are finally coming together!

We were also able to get the paint on the walls in the actual community center and coffee shop! Now, we are beginning to paint the logos on the wall. In about a month we hope to be able to start getting the furniture and get things set up!

Also, started painting the round building behind my house. We are going to be using that (hopefully soon) as the church building. This will allow us to be in town and be more convenient for people to get to church!

The team also was able to help us continue the relationships with the schools. At each school we did an english rally!

Lots of exciting things happening here. Please be praying for all the details and money to come together. =)