Monday 24 June 2013

We had a busy week!

Saturday we ended a week long sports camp. Thanks to a couple visitors (Mike and Teo) for leading that! On average we had about 50 kids a day... and a little rain! The kiddos heard a variety of bible stories AND of course, the Gospel was clearly given. Please pray for these 50 kids, for the new relationships that were formed and that they allow God to work in their hearts!

Saturday afternoon we went (again- but with the interns and some youth) to the really cool park and the largest flower market in Latin America in Mexico City. Only a little rain =)

And then yesterday some pinata making with the youth, for our Bible Club in August... eventually (hopefully) they will look like planes!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Sports Camp Day One

Yesterday was our first day of the kids sports camp. Teo and Mike joined us as coaches (and do a WHOLE bunch better at coaching soccer and basketball then me!).

We had about 50 or so kiddos join us. They played, ate a snack and heard the story of Nehemiah.

Today is day two- oh and it goes all week!

Please pray for:
* MORE kiddos!
* For Mike and Teo as they teach not only the sports and about team work BUT also the bible stories.
* That we create more relationships in the community that result in sharing the gospel!
* Safety

Sunday 16 June 2013

A very short trip to Veracruz!

Thursday night around 9:30PM we decided to take the interns to Veracruz the next morning!

Booked a hotel and got on a bus for 20 hours on the shores of Veracruz! Despite the shortness (?) of the trip we had a good time!

Tomorrow we start our 5 day evangelical sports camp for kids! Prayers appreciated!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Lots of stuff happening!

So what has been going on?

Well, Marcy came in on Sunday (she came early to fulfill a internship requirement with Moody- she has to teach about a million English class hours). She has been busy with going to a local school and teaching about 50 kids per hour! No wonder she is tired at night!
Tonight she taught a class in the community center.

We picked up Jackyln at the airport on Monday... first successful venture with the new car INTO the city. We also got the car verified.  Later that evening we went out for coffee!

Tuesday one of our adventures was buying a new mattress. The nice guy at walmart helped us tie it to the top of the car..... tying us in! BUT--- we made it home, with the mattress!

Today's excitement was exercise class (2 hours), lunch and movie with Marcy, back and to a meeting for getting ready for VBS in August. Tiffany and I are teaching the youth.... Here are our airplane name tags...

Tomorrow we are heading back to the airport to pick up intern #2 (Abbie), and get another Starbucks drink (life is rough, you know).

We have some good news about our land. Read Rod's blog --mostly so i don't have to type it out ... plus he likes when people visit his blog ;)

Next week, we have a five day evangelical camp, more on that later! But, you can pray for that. Soon 500 flyers will be made and handed out. =)

Thursday 6 June 2013

and here we go.

We are ramping up for our crazy summer!

Not only do we have three interns/visitors arriving in the next week, we have a few more people arriving the week after that, and even more at the end of June. Plus a family of 8 at the end of July and a group at the beginning of August.

So whats planned?
* Sports Camp for kiddos
* Baptisms
* Youth Camp in July (movie themed!)
* Carting around the interns, showing them this great country!
* Classes at the community center
* Bible Studies
* Another wheel chair distribution and other community projects
* Actually being able to begin destruction and then construction on OUR church land
* Maybe a youth group trip?
etc. etc. etc.

Anyone else want to come down? =)

On a different note: If you want to help us pay for the 20 wheelchairs we want to get, let me know. They are $12 a piece!

Pray for us this summer.... lots of activities, lots of people, and hopefully lots of lives changed! =)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

A dog.

Tonight was the first night of our NEW girls bible study- women of the bible.

So... tonight we studied Naomi and Ruth.

The characteristics the girls came up with to summarize their story... loyal, faithful, hard-working, happy, loving etc.

So they symbol they picked- well a dog of course!