Thursday 6 June 2013

and here we go.

We are ramping up for our crazy summer!

Not only do we have three interns/visitors arriving in the next week, we have a few more people arriving the week after that, and even more at the end of June. Plus a family of 8 at the end of July and a group at the beginning of August.

So whats planned?
* Sports Camp for kiddos
* Baptisms
* Youth Camp in July (movie themed!)
* Carting around the interns, showing them this great country!
* Classes at the community center
* Bible Studies
* Another wheel chair distribution and other community projects
* Actually being able to begin destruction and then construction on OUR church land
* Maybe a youth group trip?
etc. etc. etc.

Anyone else want to come down? =)

On a different note: If you want to help us pay for the 20 wheelchairs we want to get, let me know. They are $12 a piece!

Pray for us this summer.... lots of activities, lots of people, and hopefully lots of lives changed! =)

1 comment:

  1. May all your house guests be great company and every effort to serve be fruitful!