Wednesday 31 July 2013

OAXACA and a family of 8.

Short trip to Oaxaca with Tiffany and Shari at the beginning of the week. It is an absolutely beautiful place and if you ever get the chance, GO!

I returned to my house being taken over by the Holderman family. A family of EIGHT staying here for a month!

Guelaguetza 2013- a celebration of all the different regions in the state of oaxaca!

Tule tree- biggest (around) tree in the world.

Hierve de Agua A petrified waterfall

Hierve de Agua natural springs

Teotitlan del valle- we got to learn the process of making hand made wool products like rugs.

Mitla- a city with ruins and ancient tombs

Saturday 27 July 2013

Nine people and one bathroom (oh, and a dog)

When you are use to living completely alone 90% of the year... getting ready for an extra eight people living in your house for a month is not necessarily an easy task.

But, I think now I have enough beds, bedding, towels, kitchen supplies etc.

Will it be tight? YES!

The Holderman family arrives on Monday. =)

Friday 26 July 2013

Dallas, birthdays, teams, VBS, etc. etc.

I just got back from Dallas where all the Camino interns from all around the world! "Next Step" is a time to talk about going back to the American Culture. Great people, lots of laughs, AND i ate my weight in junk food!

 When i got home, there was a surprise birthday party-- Sunday I turn old! ;)

Now to finish getting my house for the family 8 coming to stay with me for a month (they get here Monday). Plus we have a group coming the 5th AND VBS!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Last two days of the youth rally

The last two days of the youth rally were filled with lots of laughter, lots of fun, some new faces, some of the faithful youth, and learning from the word of God.

It was encouraging to see not only new youth coming and connecting with us but also seeing the people in the neighborhood (especially the other owners of the stores around the community center) being interested in what we are doing, sticking around and listening and having fun with us! =)

Thursday 18 July 2013

Youth Rally Day One AND Community Projects

Today we began our little three day youth rally. It was designed with youth in mind, unlike a VBS where it is very stuctured- the day is pretty laid back- and it is all themed around MOVIES!

Today we played some basketball, movie trivia game, ate popcorn, shaved ice, played the WII, card games, jump rope tug of war... and of course we had some worship and a bible lesson (God is the director of your life)!

We had been posting flyers and posters around the neighborhood, and putting it online, telling the youth at church etc. But after we were not able to hand out flyers because of the crazy rain storm, I was wondering if anyone would come.

But, they did! We had 25-26 youth plus all of the interns, and us around 35 total! And to make it even BETTER we had new kids that we had never met, some coming with a friend and some coming alone.

It was a great day, everyone had a great time. I can not wait to see what God continues to do the last two days of the rally. We would appreciate your prayers!

The last two days the interns have been hard at work doing some community improvement. Yesterday they painted the curbs on the soccer court and mowing the long thick grass in front of the community center. Today they painted a hand ball court on the side of the water tower.  Previously it was a wall, often used for handball, that was covered in graffiti. 


Monday 15 July 2013


Yesterday, we baptized TWENTY FIVE people from the church here in Jesus Maria and the first church that was planted in Ixtapaluca. Praise the LORD!

Intern Fun!

We have the interns here with us for just a few days more (until Sunday to be exact). Then they pack up and head back to the states. The last few days have been about understanding Mexican culture and seeing the important sites around this part of the country. Its been fun. Some of us even went to a lucha fight here in the city!
*and Karin Benningfield was able to join us!

Thursday 4 July 2013

4th of July IN Mexico

oooo and this one is good too! ;)

So, when you are not home to celebrate a big holiday. You do what you can, where you are at.

I decided only to eat American food today.

Started it off with a PB and J sandwich for breakfast!

Then Tiff and I had the Gringos over for a lunch of Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burgers, and all the fixins!

Then of course, we watched the patriot and lite off fireworks....

And for those of you who have asked.... The baked beans were a success. Without molasses or the right type of beans WAHOO! They only took about 26 hours to make =)

Rain, Ash and Upcoming Events

Hello rainy season! Yesterday I began to walk over to Tiffany's house when the DOWNPOUR began then the hail. goodness. I was running in ankle deep water on the way home. =)

This morning we were met with a rainfall of ASH from one of the two volcanoes around here. We could feel it covering us when we were working out this morning. Hey, I always wanted snow in July, I think this is the closest I might ever get!

Whats coming up? Well a youth camp in a couple weeks, then two weeks later a VBS. Plans on being busy!