Tuesday 28 October 2014

Day of the Dead Activities

This Friday and Saturday evening will be full of different things, celebrating life... while everyone else is celebrating death.

I have posted a few blogs about day of the dead in the past. Check them out!  Go here... or here! 

Anyways, Friday night we are having a little fair of sorts in Las Palmas. We are not only putting it on for the kids who have been attending the kids bible club but also to attract the kids that are trick or treating. We plan to have fun, play games, give candy, hand out a tract etc.

Saturday evening, the church in Jesus Maria and Tiempo de Vivir will have an event  “We invite you to the conference entitled, Fear of Death…we invite you to come and confront one of your worst enemies." Rod wrote a blog about this earlier today.

Anyways, your prayers appreciated for this weekend. 

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Church Property

Rod took some pictures of the church property yesterday. He had to climb a pretty steep ramp thing to get there and assures us he made it up and down without serious injury! So, thanks Rod.

They are working hard (even during church on Sundays) to get this second level done. It will provide housing for a church family, and security for the church. Also a REAL, not so scary bathroom, and another room for things. And hopefully some stairs!

These pictures are from the top of the second floor. 

Please continue to pray for construction, the workers, the money this takes, security during the week etc. 

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Lots of English Classes

This block of classes, is different. I am teaching lots of classes (normal) in four different places (very different). Usually I am teaching maybe two or three english classes and a whole bunch of other classes like crafts, knitting, baking, dance, baking, and whatever else. Well, this block... it is mostly english

I definetly miss teaching my more creative classes, but i am meeting lots of people in lots of neighborhoods. Lots of people want to learn english... so it is a good opportunity! Please pray for all these connections.





Thursday 16 October 2014

The need for a car.

This fall/winter a big goal of mine here is to purchase a car. Wouldn't that car be fun... but not necessarily what I am looking for! ;)

I did fine with no car when I was just serving in Jesus Maria. But now I am in several neighborhoods a week. It would make things easier. Save time, make it so i don't always rely on others for rides, etc.

What I am looking for is something used and only a couple years old, reliable and cheap to fix!

There are new rules in the state of Mexico about when and how much you can drive a car that is older than a few years old. So, in order for me to drive it every day (or at least most days) it needs to be newer.

The goal is going to have to be between $8,000 and $9,000. And currently I have a few thousand of that.

If you would like to help me buy a car e-mail me!

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Maggie the friend maker.

If you ever want a fun, creative way to get to know people... get a dog.

Maggie made two new friends today who wanted to play ball with her. It is pretty normal for people to stop me everyday to pet her, ask her to shake, play ball with her, paint her nails, ask if she is a Dalmatian and if she only speaks english!

I am pretty sure she has more friends then me.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

and its only week one!

Sometimes you wonder how much of an impact you are making on a community when you feel like you spend so much time and energy creating programs, planning for classes, spending hours and hours on events. Sometimes it can be discouraging to have the same ten people at all the classes (even though it still has a huge purpose!)

But, this week we have had booming class sizes. Almost too much for us to handle! But, the most exciting part is ---- MOST of them are not believers and over 50% of them we met for the first time this week!

Rod mentioned after class today "I guess it just shows how long it takes to reach people".

This is the first week. I pray that these people continue to come, I pray that more come, I pray that we can share the real reason we have a community center (Jesus!) ;)

Let me throw some numbers out there....
Painting class on monday--- 23 painters, many more just hanging out.
Conversation class on tuesday--- 17ish people.
English Class- 35 people
Country Dance- 15 women (and two kids shakin it!)
Kids craft class - about 30kiddos
Guitar Class- 5people (one didn't stay because we didn't have an extra guitar)

And this is just in Jesus Maria. We have English classes  (and other things) happening in two other neighborhoods.... and those classes are growing too =)

Here are a few pics to prove my point =)

Thursday 2 October 2014

It is about to get busy!

Wanna see some progress on our church property? Well, right now they are working on the second floor. It is going to be apartments, which eventually will allow us to house teams. But, because of recent robberies on the property, there will be a family living in the apartments above to watch over the place.

I am looking forward to having a bussssy schedule starting next week! Classes in Jesus Maria, helping with English in palmas and acozac and some other randomness! 

The last few days I have settled into my new house. It is nice when it feels more like home! Now, who wants to come visit? I have plenty of room!