Tuesday 28 October 2014

Day of the Dead Activities

This Friday and Saturday evening will be full of different things, celebrating life... while everyone else is celebrating death.

I have posted a few blogs about day of the dead in the past. Check them out!  Go here... or here! 

Anyways, Friday night we are having a little fair of sorts in Las Palmas. We are not only putting it on for the kids who have been attending the kids bible club but also to attract the kids that are trick or treating. We plan to have fun, play games, give candy, hand out a tract etc.

Saturday evening, the church in Jesus Maria and Tiempo de Vivir will have an event  “We invite you to the conference entitled, Fear of Death…we invite you to come and confront one of your worst enemies." Rod wrote a blog about this earlier today.

Anyways, your prayers appreciated for this weekend. 

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