Wednesday 8 October 2014

and its only week one!

Sometimes you wonder how much of an impact you are making on a community when you feel like you spend so much time and energy creating programs, planning for classes, spending hours and hours on events. Sometimes it can be discouraging to have the same ten people at all the classes (even though it still has a huge purpose!)

But, this week we have had booming class sizes. Almost too much for us to handle! But, the most exciting part is ---- MOST of them are not believers and over 50% of them we met for the first time this week!

Rod mentioned after class today "I guess it just shows how long it takes to reach people".

This is the first week. I pray that these people continue to come, I pray that more come, I pray that we can share the real reason we have a community center (Jesus!) ;)

Let me throw some numbers out there....
Painting class on monday--- 23 painters, many more just hanging out.
Conversation class on tuesday--- 17ish people.
English Class- 35 people
Country Dance- 15 women (and two kids shakin it!)
Kids craft class - about 30kiddos
Guitar Class- 5people (one didn't stay because we didn't have an extra guitar)

And this is just in Jesus Maria. We have English classes  (and other things) happening in two other neighborhoods.... and those classes are growing too =)

Here are a few pics to prove my point =)

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  1. Exciting to hear how God is bringing people =) Thanks for sharing, Tina!