Tuesday 30 April 2013

(15/30) Maps

We wanted to go visit a family from our churches house, now that we have a car. Jim told us he had a map. It is below. Sure, we can get there now!

Monday 29 April 2013

(14/30) Guadalupe DVD!

Today we took Melissa on a mini adventure in the city. Why was it an adventure, because whenever you go to the city--- you never know what you will get!

While we were in the national cathedral we picked up this new DVD. All about the guadalupe in Mexico. Should be very informative!

Sunday 28 April 2013

(13/30) Church Service

Today was yet another busy day. Started with a great church service, then a good time with the youth and finally ending with a Children's day event where 5 kids graduated into the youth group!

Here is a picture of today's church service. Ismael preaching on Romans 11!

Saturday 27 April 2013

(12/30) Womans Conference

Today we had an amazing turn out with the woman's conference in our little area. The people invited... the bible churches mostly in Mexico City are. We had 163 ladies!

Friday 26 April 2013

(11/30) HOPE COFFEE!

We have an intern that came down for a week starting today. She brought us our new HOPE coffee shirts.
Interested in Hope Coffee?

Thursday 25 April 2013


Shari led today's baking class.... cinnamon roll bread thing. looked and smelled DELISH!

Wednesday 24 April 2013

(9/30) Getting ready for a trip!

Today I spent some time getting ready for a trip to the states. I am going to share what God is doing here in this neighborhood.  So today's photo of the day is one of the things I am going to put on the table.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

(8/30) Old notes

Today's picture of the day is from an old note from a great friend!

Tiffany and I went somewhere and spent an extended time just reading our bibles, journaling etc. And i decided to read the notes that i had in my english bible (I don't use that one much anymore, normally I use the bi-lingual bible!) It was great to remember and thank God for the friends I have in the states!

Monday 22 April 2013

Upcoming Events!

Lots of things happening in the next few weeks =)

This Friday we pick up Melissa from the airport... she is a nurse in the states that is coming down to do some  health seminars, speaking to the youth and giving her testimony at the woman's conference.

On Saturday, we have a woman's conference with the ladies in all of our circuit churches.

In a few weeks we are packing up to go to the other side of the city to Villa de las flores for the FAMEX mission conference. Great speakers are lined up.

Then we have everything happening this summer.. interns, groups, hopefully starting our church building, etc etc.

Thanks for your prayers for everything!


Happy Birthday to a great friend, partner in crime and co-worker!


Sunday 21 April 2013

(6/30) Sleepy Sunday

The picture of the day represents what we are doing at 3:15pm on Sunday to get through the rest of the day! Parties and classes have occupied alot of our time the last week... we are a little sleepy!

Saturday 20 April 2013

(5/30) Worst Pinata EVER

So, we have had really good luck with our pinata man. He has even made custom ones for us that were great. So, we thought, that a palm tree would be a piece of cake ......

this is what we got.

Friday 19 April 2013

(4/30) PUPPY

Today i found this cute little puppy, who is currently residing in tiffs house! We de-flied him and now hes ready for a home... WHO WANTS HIM????

Thursday 18 April 2013

(3/30) Taxi or NO Taxi!

You get two pics today!

Looks like we are giving up taxis for a while =)

On a completely different note, i found jelly beans today!

Wednesday 17 April 2013


We are in the middle of a special english class session. So far we have had 8 or so brand new people to classes!

Today i had the kiddos! They are learning about sports and working hard on the word search!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

(1/30) Shady Farias

I am bringing it back, 30 days of photos. Mostly because I realize I am not posting enough and I think its fun. I hope it also allows you to see a little of what is going on here in both serious and funny pictures! =)

Today's picture of the day is a little mini fair we have going on in our neighborhood.

Saturday 13 April 2013


In the earliest days of Jesus' journey, we can find Him building community. One of the aspects of this community I love the most is that He chose some very unlikely people to be in His inner circle: a couple of fishermen, a tax collector, and even a doctor. They were a pretty eclectic group of people to hang out with. While Jesus seemed cautious about the people He chose to walk the closest to — He also didn't allow their differences to separate the possibility of relationship. 

Community.  It is a beautiful thing.

It is the thing that says…

“You’re welcome here.”

“You belong.”

“Join us.”

Community means many things. 
Among them, things like understanding…camaraderie…acceptance…support. I humbly suggest we all live with those needs.

I admit, I haven’t always embraced the idea of community.  As a solo-type girl, I used to believe I was better off by myself.  But I have come to understand that sometimes people are stronger when they walk in tandem with another.
To give perspective.  To offer hope.  To simply, do life.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

A little of this, a little of that!

God doesn't need us to complete His purposes, yet He chooses to ask us to partner with Him. It's unfathomable. His calling to you means that He has chosen you above anyone else to do what He is asking.

Tiffany and I started a new bible study this week, in english! It is called "Jonah: a life interrupted" , that quote above is from day two of that study. So far, we love it! If you need a new study- we, check it out!

Tomorrow starts another session ( a special two week session) of English. We passed out a couple hundred flyers today, so hopefully we will have good attendance.

Rod has had many great posts lately...
He started a "is Mexico a christian country series." Check it out. Here is the forth one, with links for the first three!
We also finished handing out all the old generation wheelchairs. Read about it!

and on a different note... we raised enough to PAY for the land that we want to build a building on. PRAISE THE LORD! Of course, we still need to pay taxes, get permits and build a building... wanna give to that fund? Check out our update here!

Tuesday 2 April 2013

When God places someone on your heart.

So, I haven't written in a few days... mostly because all of the thoughts swirling in my head aren't to be made public yet ;)

But, I have been thinking about how its be pretty awesome to watch God work-- in lives, through lives, through little (nothing special) me.

Every once in a while God puts someone on my heart. Sometimes that person needs nothing but prayer, sometimes there is a physical need that maybe I can help meet, and sometimes just being there to talk with, someone to listen, someone to give a hug.

Sometimes those people turn out to be great friends, some now come to our little church here in Ixtapaluca, and some are no longer really in my life (just here for a season type thing).

Anyways, over the last few weeks there is this guy on my street (He actually reminds me a lot of my dad) has broken my heart. I have observed him and his family basically since I have moved in. They have always been nice, said hi, keep to themselves, never have loud parties and we pet each others dogs!
But, recently I have noticed he goes into the city every Monday (i know this because i have ridden the combi back from the city at the same time and have seen him get off the la paz combi a couple other Mondays) and comes back with a giant bandage on his arm. Now i am assuming he is going to some sort of hospital and receiving some sort of treatment.

So recently, I have been praying for him and his sons that live with him. I don't know their needs but I pray.

But yesterday, this man got off the combi as i was walking my dog and he stopped by a building, fell to the ground and starting uncontrollably vomiting.

In about 2 seconds i had the following reactions: I don't do well with puke, i need to help that man, and will he be embarrassed if i walk over there.

But the "need to help" reaction won--- Maggie and I ran over to the Man. Instantly maggie laid down beside him and was just there, it was cute! Anyways, I helped the man up. He assured me he didn't need any more help and off he went.

Anyways, the breaking of my heart for this man, for whatever reason God has allowed it.
I ask you to pray with me for him and his sons! I ask you for an opportunity to talk to them, to show them the Love of God, and if there is a need that I can meet or can help me- that it is made known to me!

Thanks for praying!