Wednesday 27 August 2014

Support Raising

I am not a big fan of writing about money on my blog. I like to keep it about what is going on in Mexico, in ministry, in my life.  But, I guess, this IS what is going on in my life. I am in the states raising support to continue serving our Lord in Mexico!

I have been serving on a church plant team in Ixtapaluca (right outside of Mexico City) for the past three years! Basically, I went to Mexico for a year and stayed! I have felt led to to go full time and here I am. I just need to raise the funds required to continue.

My current need is about $1000 more monthly.
Which really isn't that bad.... let me show you
$50 a month--- 20 people
$20 a month---- 50 people
$10 a month---- 100 people

I also have the need to buy a car. So, that is about $5000 one time gifts.

Anyways, have you been thinking about giving?
DO IT! I plan on going back on September 29th!

How to give?
GO HERE! or ask for a paper for by e-mailing me!

Questions, comments, suggestions --

Wednesday 20 August 2014


First stop on this trip to raise support: Pennsylvania (Where Rod Fry is from, and where I knew several people from them coming to visit Ixtapaluca)

The first few days was spent at the Fry family cabin. It was a great time of just hanging out, relaxing and sleeping (and plenty of adventures!)

On Sunday, I was able to share about the ministry in Mexico at Word of Life Chapel. After I finished Rod lead worship and preached! Good Sunday Morning. 

Now I am just spending a few days just hanging out here in PA until I head to Chicago tomorrow EARLY morning! I was able to hang out with Cari and Bill and their family, The Fry (extended family), went to Hershey Chocolate World, and taking in the sites of this beautiful state!

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Crazy Travels

Not that I would ever really forget the story of actually GETTING to the USA this trip.. I would like to entertain you all.

I left a good 40 minutes late from my house, which i still had about three hours to get to the airport. But, there is a HUGE difference in the amount of traffic that happens within that period. Oh, and it was raining-- a lot.

Because of the rain (floodedness), lateness, traffic... etc. I missed my plane.

I actually got in the door of the airport as my plane was probably closing the doors.

When I realized there was NO way we were going to make the flight I called the airlines, to change my ticket. She told me it was going to be around $550 to change it (change fee plus the difference). But I had to pay when I got to the airport.

After standing in line for about 30 minutes, I have a new ticket... for about two hours later.... oh and it was $650 NOT $550. ugh. But, I had a ticket. (by the way, thats more then the original ticket was).

I went through customs, avoided getting coffee because i wanted to sleep on the plane, and finally about to get on my new plane.

I got to the front and they told me that the airline CANCELED my reservation, it was a full flight and I no longer had a seat. WHAT?

At this point I stopped being patient and started speaking in English. me=not happy

They told me, finally, they booked a ticket on a different airline. In the other terminal and it took off in a little over 45 minutes.

There is a tram that goes from one terminal to the other. But of course, since I didnt have my ticket in my hand, I couldn't take it. I had to go get a taxi the threeish miles.

I got to terminal two, cut everyone in the line at the new airline (ha). RAN through security and RAN to my plane. They were calling my name on the speaker, and ran on as they were about to close the door.


It wasn't until I got on the plane that I realized I had no idea WHERE my bags were, or even who to ask about them. Which, my fears were legit. I didn't get bags until the next day.

Anyways, I was planning on seeing friends the next day. But, because i could no longer pick up the car that evening (it closed before I could get there). I had to cancel that and go straight to the second thing.

By the way, taxis are expensive here! You pay in dollars what you would pay in Pesos in Mexico. Gesh. I had (got) to take more then I planned on taking.

Anyways, hopefully I got all of the craziness of travel done before the trip really began!

Sunday 10 August 2014

A new house!

This week didn't really happen the way I had planned. I planned on spending the week getting ready for my trip to the states (i leave in two days).

... but instead I moved.

I had some issues with the neighbor.

So the ladies of the church teamed up and found me a house.

I packedish my house (enough to move five block) in 24 hours.

The ladies of the church cleaned the entire new house the yesterday morning. About 20 people helped me move, unpack some, cleaned the little yard, and will hook everything up for me.

Do I like the house? well, it will grow on me. It is a lot smaller than my house before but has a space for Maggie to go to the bathroom without me having to walk her to the park at dark. It is in a gated neighborhood. So, i think it might be safer too.

It wasn't the week I had planned. I have a TON to do before I leave in 42 hours.

But, I was (yet again) completely blessed by the people here in Jesus Maria. They see a need and they make it happen. They gave up their entire Saturday (some before heading back to work/school on monday) to help me. They didn't just move stuff, they wanted to make it feel a little like home before leaving.

I am humbled.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

forever changed.

When you decide to move to another land, another culture, another language you change. Your life becomes about uncertainty, flexibility, and faith. You get to experience new challenges, broaden your horizons, become even more amazed at God's creation, learn things about yourself you never knew existed.  You give up your comfort zones and realize how big yet how small the world is.
... and I think everyone should experience it.

I think ten things happen when a person spends a significant amount of time in a foreign field.

10. You learn to be patient, and to give up pride to ask for help.
Something that should be so easy is now hard. During the moments of frustration, you realize it is better to laugh about it than get angry. Also, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but something that should be cherished.

9. There is no normal. 
As soon as you enter a new place you realize your definition of normal is nothing more than what is culturally acceptable. You begin to learn new ways of doing things and slowly those ways become your new normal. You embrace a new normal.

8. You learn to say goodbye.
You get to know lots of amazing people and with the technology, you get to stay friends with most of them for a very long time. But, you realize they are only in your presence for a very short time. You learn to let go.

7. You no longer speak one language.
You speak two. You randomly put a word from the other language in a sentence, forget sayings in your original language. You begin thinking and dreaming in two languages.

6. Your not courageous but your not a coward either.
People tell you that you have courage... but you don't feel like it. Sometimes you are scared and uncomfortable but whatever comes your way, you deal with it (even though sometimes its not graceful).

5. There aren't the right words...
to accurately convey the experiences, the stories, the people, the places that you have been. But, you try. And you also don't want to overwhelm people with stories of the "other country".

4. Adrenalin becomes a part of your daily life.
No longer is there a thing called-- routine. Even three years later there is still new experiences, new people, new places, new challenges- a whole lot of new.

3. Nostalgia can strike at anytime.
A sound, a smell, a taste... can make you homesick. You miss things you never thought you would miss and don't miss things you thought you would. You would give anything for a moment of it, or someone who understands.

2. You Change.
One day you realize you are a lot different from when you started the journey. All of the certainties, all of your fears, all of your dreams.... they have changed, for the better. You have had your ups and downs, some scars--- but you lived, you learned, you became a stronger person. A person that can handle a whole lot of things.

1. You gain a whole bunch of faith.
You leave your comfort zone you get to trust God more than ever- with finances, safety, the right words in a second language etc. But, you also get to watch God work in some extra ordinary ways and see his plan unfold before your eyes. God breaks your heart for the lost, the broken, the hurting... and gives you the strength to share His love.

Monday 4 August 2014

Fremont Alliance Church Youth Group

Had a great end of the summer with a group from my home church Fremont Alliance. I am fortunate to have a church that cares enough to send groups down here (twice this year).

They were able to help with this years VBS, paint the church, start a closet in the church, play games in english in Acozac, go to a drug rehab facility, play soccer, dance, and have a ton of fun... all while being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Thank you Fremont Alliance.