Sunday 10 August 2014

A new house!

This week didn't really happen the way I had planned. I planned on spending the week getting ready for my trip to the states (i leave in two days).

... but instead I moved.

I had some issues with the neighbor.

So the ladies of the church teamed up and found me a house.

I packedish my house (enough to move five block) in 24 hours.

The ladies of the church cleaned the entire new house the yesterday morning. About 20 people helped me move, unpack some, cleaned the little yard, and will hook everything up for me.

Do I like the house? well, it will grow on me. It is a lot smaller than my house before but has a space for Maggie to go to the bathroom without me having to walk her to the park at dark. It is in a gated neighborhood. So, i think it might be safer too.

It wasn't the week I had planned. I have a TON to do before I leave in 42 hours.

But, I was (yet again) completely blessed by the people here in Jesus Maria. They see a need and they make it happen. They gave up their entire Saturday (some before heading back to work/school on monday) to help me. They didn't just move stuff, they wanted to make it feel a little like home before leaving.

I am humbled.

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