Wednesday 27 August 2014

Support Raising

I am not a big fan of writing about money on my blog. I like to keep it about what is going on in Mexico, in ministry, in my life.  But, I guess, this IS what is going on in my life. I am in the states raising support to continue serving our Lord in Mexico!

I have been serving on a church plant team in Ixtapaluca (right outside of Mexico City) for the past three years! Basically, I went to Mexico for a year and stayed! I have felt led to to go full time and here I am. I just need to raise the funds required to continue.

My current need is about $1000 more monthly.
Which really isn't that bad.... let me show you
$50 a month--- 20 people
$20 a month---- 50 people
$10 a month---- 100 people

I also have the need to buy a car. So, that is about $5000 one time gifts.

Anyways, have you been thinking about giving?
DO IT! I plan on going back on September 29th!

How to give?
GO HERE! or ask for a paper for by e-mailing me!

Questions, comments, suggestions --

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