Tuesday 19 August 2014

Crazy Travels

Not that I would ever really forget the story of actually GETTING to the USA this trip.. I would like to entertain you all.

I left a good 40 minutes late from my house, which i still had about three hours to get to the airport. But, there is a HUGE difference in the amount of traffic that happens within that period. Oh, and it was raining-- a lot.

Because of the rain (floodedness), lateness, traffic... etc. I missed my plane.

I actually got in the door of the airport as my plane was probably closing the doors.

When I realized there was NO way we were going to make the flight I called the airlines, to change my ticket. She told me it was going to be around $550 to change it (change fee plus the difference). But I had to pay when I got to the airport.

After standing in line for about 30 minutes, I have a new ticket... for about two hours later.... oh and it was $650 NOT $550. ugh. But, I had a ticket. (by the way, thats more then the original ticket was).

I went through customs, avoided getting coffee because i wanted to sleep on the plane, and finally about to get on my new plane.

I got to the front and they told me that the airline CANCELED my reservation, it was a full flight and I no longer had a seat. WHAT?

At this point I stopped being patient and started speaking in English. me=not happy

They told me, finally, they booked a ticket on a different airline. In the other terminal and it took off in a little over 45 minutes.

There is a tram that goes from one terminal to the other. But of course, since I didnt have my ticket in my hand, I couldn't take it. I had to go get a taxi the threeish miles.

I got to terminal two, cut everyone in the line at the new airline (ha). RAN through security and RAN to my plane. They were calling my name on the speaker, and ran on as they were about to close the door.


It wasn't until I got on the plane that I realized I had no idea WHERE my bags were, or even who to ask about them. Which, my fears were legit. I didn't get bags until the next day.

Anyways, I was planning on seeing friends the next day. But, because i could no longer pick up the car that evening (it closed before I could get there). I had to cancel that and go straight to the second thing.

By the way, taxis are expensive here! You pay in dollars what you would pay in Pesos in Mexico. Gesh. I had (got) to take more then I planned on taking.

Anyways, hopefully I got all of the craziness of travel done before the trip really began!

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