Tuesday 17 November 2015

The Car Saga Part Three

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The process was put off a bit by a small trip to camp this last weekend, but came back and today was ready to find a solution.

I went on Thursday to Chevrolet to ask about new (and used) hatch backs for my car. New, 5000 pesos or 350 bucks. And he was going to talk to a friend who has a friend who buys cars that were totaled. He was going to call me in an hour... yep I have heard that before! =0)

Well five days later, still no call. But, he did apologize for not calling. And he DID find a used hatchback for less than half the price! YES! He assured he would call in an hour (I am starting to think that is all he knows how to say).

Well its been about four hours since he said one hour, but I will give him until tomorrow. I am hoping its here before Thursday.... but not holding my breath.

Anyways, at least i think there might have been a solution to everything today, now just to get it here and in the hands of the body work guy!

I am ready for my car to be healthy and looking normal again!

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