Saturday 24 October 2015

Fiesta Time!

So, of course I have grand plans of how things will go, and very rarely do they turn out the way I intend them to. The youth and I planned a party at the orphanage for the two girls who turn fifteen this year. It is a big deal when a girl turns fifteen in Mexico. Anyways, both girls are no longer in the home. Geesh.

Well, ok we wont use the dresses but we will still have a great time. Instead of putting beautiful make up on the two girls we took the lipsticks, blush, eyeliner and painted random figures (the best we could) on the faces of the kids... and they absolutely loved it!

We played tons of games, and ate too much food.

I am so proud of how the youth of Jesus Maria have come along side of me in this amazing ministry. They definetly have a heart to serve!

After everything was cleaned up we went and saw their new piece of land and prayed for Gods provision. Please join us in praying for this orphanage, the kids, the family running it and that God will guide us on how to best support them!

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