Monday 5 October 2015

We are looking for people!

As we begin to plan, pray about, and think ahead to the New Year, that is coming up in just a few short months, we are excited.
- We are excited about the beginnings of a new church
- We are excited about reaching new people in Ixtapaluca
- We are excited about new opportunities to serve and love the people the God has placed in front of us.

But, as we plan and dream we realize the limits that we have, that is why we need you!

First of all.. PRAYER!
I know that MANY of you pray for us here in Mexico all the time. Please keep praying. As we begin a new church and continue with the many other ministries, we could definetly use your prayer.
If you do not receive my onceish a month newsletter e-mail me, and i can get you on that list!

Secondly... we need people!
If you have ever wanted to come down (alone, with your family, friends, small group, church, youth group or whatever) for a week, a month, ten years (or anywhere in between). We would LOVE to have you and God will use you to impact lives in Ixtapaluca for eternity. So, e-mail me, we can use all the help we can get!
(we have tons of summer - 4,6,8 week internships for college age and beyond as well, ask me about it!)

Finally, donations!
We (the team here) does not like to harp on money. God definetly provides everything we need, daily. But, we want to get the word out there! There are several ways you can help us.

        1. I would like to have 12 families, individuals or small groups help us with a one time gift of $200 to cover the rent for 2016 of community center in Las Palmas. This is where we have classes, events and eventually our church services. If you are interested, please e-mail me. You can also give here.
        2. I know lots of churches are represented when people are reading this. I would like to find at least TWO churches or youth groups that would be willing to hold a (small or large) fundraiser for community center funds. This would include.... buying supplies for classes, buying wheelchairs, hearing aids, helping with school supplies for the orphanage, blankets for the shelter, and beds for the drug rehab center. Let me know if your church takes one of these spots!  Click here for our project fund.
        3. We absolutely LOVE having teams down here. They are a huge help to the efforts going on (plus they are pretty good for the teams too!). One of the needs here is for transportation. I am trying to raise enough money to buy a 15 person van (or something similar). I am looking for TWO churches to step up and host a fundraiser for this. This will enable us to get groups around more effectively and efficiently, if you have ever been here you know what a pain transport can be without the proper vehicles! We will also be able to host more groups. Currently, I have 5,000 dollars in this fund. I would like to have 15,000 to be able to buy a reliable vehicle. Which I will need to buy Spring 2016 to accommodate what we already have scheduled for 2016. E-mail me for more details! You can give here (Specific Project: 063586)

Just to conclude, I wanted to add a few options for fundraisers. They can be as simple or complicated as you want!
- Bake Sale after church services
- Someone who sales jamberry, thirty-one etc can give their profits of a party
- A silent auction
- A church wide garage sale
- Chili bake off
- Host some sort of tournament
- Give people in your congregation a can to decorate and put their change into.

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