Monday 28 November 2011

(20/30) Expectations

Expectations: we all have them.  We expect certain behavior from the people we are around. We expect our friend to understand.  We expect the sun will rise tomorrow.  

I do my level best to live my life to please the Lord.  As a result, I can usually handle peoples expectations of me.  Where I struggle is expectations others have of me that I am not even aware of…unspoken requirements that silently guide the relationship.  While I may not be aware of these requirements, I sure know when I have not lived up to them.  How many different ways do we let others know when they have let us down? 

I didn't call when I should have. I didn't respond the way they thought I should. There are honestly times I feel I should be apologizing for not being perfect!  I do not claim to be…I do not try to be. I know it is not possible but it sometimes seems others expect it.  With so many people expecting so many different things, it is only a matter of time before I offend or hurt someone's feelings, not intentionally, but because I am human

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