Saturday 30 June 2012

Pie in the face!

An amazing children's ministry in Michigan (from Bethany Assembly of God) did a fundraiser for missions (and my work here in Mexico) at the beginging of the year. The preschoolers had to bring in their pennies and if they raised a certain amount of money they would get a pie in the face for their two teachers and their pastor!

Well they did it! It is amazing to see little people care so much about reaching people for Jesus (I am going to assume none of thier motivation was based around pies in the face, right Chris?!?)!

Thank you kids from Bethany Assembly!

In other news I am heading (with the interns) to San Miguel del Allende today! From the looks of it (thanks Google) it is a beautiful city with lots of culture!

You can also check out Rods Blog OR Jims Blog for more about last nights event!

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