Monday 31 March 2014

back after a week!

Just got back from a week of being, well all over Mexico.

The week began with the Missionary Kids camp in Amealco. I took a bus there, missed the one I had intended to take by about a minute. I got to wait nine hours in terminal two for the next one to leave. BUT, It was a great four days. The kids had a blast, the speakers were great... and I love camp! =0) I was able to be the youth girls counselor. Such a great group of girls!

And nothing says a great night game like sardines in a giant field, underneath the millions of stars you don't normally see in the city AND random cows.

Then off to Puebla for a women's retreat. Good times were had by all!

I love traveling and doing things but there really is no place like home!

Getting ready for a few things coming up...
-Friday and Saturday I am taking two youth to the Youth Specialties conference in Mexico City (long days 6am leave the house and back around 11pm both days!)
-Sunday is our 4th anniversary celebration for the Jesus Maria Church
- Next Thursday is the closing ceremony for the community center
- Next Saturday is the third annual Easter Egg Hunt!

oh and this will eventually be my new prayer card ;)

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