Tuesday 23 September 2014

Almost time to head back!

I finished my time in Nebraska. Then last weekend I went to Arkansas to visit a wonderful woman (Tiffany). We hung out, ate too much, decorated her new house a little bit, and ate some more ;) I am blessed by her friendship.

Now, I am in Indiana. Enjoying a day to catch up on things, relax (after a 13 hour drive yesterday--- i don't recommend doing that alone). I am looking forward to hanging out with Vista Fellowship tonight (everyone loves a good Pizza Party!) and then heading camping with the Netzley and Gross families before heading back to Mexico on Monday.

Anyways, I am going back to Mexico, not completely funded... so if you have been waiting to give or feel like you should. NOW is the time! Click here! or e-mail me!

On a completely different note:
We are having some issues with theft in our church property. It is pretty sad and we have lost several hundred dollars worth of stuff. Please be praying for this situation AND the people who are doing it.
Here is what Jim and Rod say about this subject!

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