Thursday 11 December 2014

December is busy!!

I can not believe how fast this fall has just flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was trying to get everything ready to start the classes and now we are in the middle of the closing ceremonies.

This fall I have found a house (with the help of Mayra) to move into. It is dual purpose. It is going to be my house, in the new neighborhood, but it will also have the new community center attached. Starting to paint and get it ready for my grand arrival in January! I am excited to be able to paint and stuff before i move all my junk into it! There is so much i COULD do to the house,... but i will stick with painting and putting in outlets! Yipee ;)

Last Sunday night was the appreciation dinner for the leaders of all the bible churches in Mexico City. It is always fun seeing friends from all over the city! We were also able to honor Rollie and JoAnn Smith who have been on the mission field for 40+ years (a good chuck of that in Mexico). They will be retiring in 2015, and will be greatly missed! (Good job on the slide show, Rod)

just for fun, the other day we went and ate lunch in the woods... and found these hats! Thanks for the photo, Rod!
(i love hanging out with this family! )

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