Tuesday 14 April 2015

Pray, come, and give.

Some times we get questions on how you can help us here in good 'ol Ixtapaluca. Well, there is plenty you can do! =0)

1. Pray! 
We can always use that! There are two churches and the beginning work for (Lord willing) a third. Pray for spiritual growth in the churches, for new connections in the new area. Pray for wisdom as we pursue avenues for getting to know people and share the word of God. 

2. COME! 
We love having groups come down and take a part of what we do here. The possibilities are ENDLESS! If you like teaching english, play soccer, knit, etc... we will use your skills.
Come as a family, as friends, as a church group, youth group, all by yourself.... no group too small and groups us to 12-15 at a time. 
We would even love if your church would team with us and come down once a year!
We believe that visitors enables us not only to do more here, but furthers our church planting efforts. Plus its pretty unforgettable for the people coming and an encouragement to the missionaries! =)
If you are interested, e-mail me!

3. Give!
Of course, everything we do costs money. God has been incredibly faithful in providing the money-- in so many different ways--- for everything we have done. If you would like to give, please do! It will allow us to do things like buy more wheelchairs, buy bibles, supplies for classes, soccer balls for tournaments, or allow us to help someone with a unique need.
You can even host a fundraiser in your church, small group etc and then send the money in!
Tiempo de Vivir Community Center- Give here!
You can help us raise money to buy a 15 passenger van (or something similar) to make it easier to have groups! - Give here  (put specific project #063586)
Questions, send me an e-mail!

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