Thursday 20 August 2015

Fall is coming!

I know it has been a while since I have posted whats going on here. 

August is a slower month. Classes for the fall community center start in September. Doing some random projects, helping at the Old Folks shelter, church stuff, etc. 

I finished, yesterday, painting and getting the community center ready for classes. How do things become so cluttered, unorganized and dirty in such a short time? 

Anyways, the inside and the outside is ready. NOW, I am knee deep in lesson plans and promoting fall classes! 

This fall, in Las Palmas, we will be offering
- English (in different styles)
- Baking
- Crafts
- Country Dance
- Board game evening
- Wednesday evening bible study (first in Palmas)
- Youth group activities

It will be busy busy but hopefully pretty darn great!

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