Sunday 27 March 2016

Whats new?!?

Well, I gave up this blog for lent, but lent is over... so how about an update!

At the community center, we just finished this block of classes. It was a very different block of classes than normal. It started off strong, and attendance dropped. There are probably several factors (some we know and probably some we don't). But, we had a good time sharing the story of easter, playing games, acknowledging attendance and eating cookies!
At the same time we also celebrated the end of the Kids Bible Club!

The church in Jesus Maria celebrated its 6th anniversary!

At the orphanage...
Every week we go to help out with homework and teaching the little kiddos how to read. We just finished the plumbing class taught by Brenda. Also several visitors got to help out with a variety of things  (painting walls, teaching first aid, playing games, and crafts)

Several visits to the Shelter the last few weeks... sharing the Easter story, hanging out, coloring pages, and serving lunch. 

We had a soccer tournament... around 75 participants and lots of volunteers! =0)

Spent a week with some crazy cool Missionary Kids at the annual MK camp!

Took a trip to Nebraska to represent Camino Global at Grace University. I also was able to see some of my favorite people! =)

Did some exploration at a place that I have been to before, but never really spent a lot of time there. I will be visiting again!

Had a whole bunch of random fun....

It was a great lent, here in Ixtapaluca! =0) It was also fun to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior bright and early this morning (followed by tamales of course!)

Now on to getting ready for summer! 

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