Sunday 24 April 2016

Summer 2016

Summer 2016 seems to be coming faster than all the other summers... because well, its starting an entire month early!

At the beginning of May I will have five people coming from Simpson University as part of the WorldServe program. Plus, one Camino Global intern!

In June and July, Four more Camino Global interns will be here serving along side whatever is going on here. 

We also have several groups!
- A group from Pennsylvania in June. They came last year and we are super excited to have them back! They will be here for a week in mid-june.
- A group from Indiana- some of my favorite people ever- will be here for two weeks at the end of June and beginning of July. 
- A group from California... a group of 40! A choir, actually. They will be here the day after the Indiana group leaves! They will be performing all over the place.
- And another group from Pennsylvania at the very end of July to the beginning of August. They will be helping with Kids club. 

Plus... of course, several different visitors at different times. 

It will be a busy summer, with lots of activities... it will be the craziest summer since I have been here.. classes, helping at the old folks shelter, orphanage, projects, women's retreat, soccer tournaments, a forth of July trip to Amealco, etc. etc. etc. 

Above is our logo for the summer, and the theme for a rally at a local school. It represents the US flag on one side and the Mexican on the other. We may be from different countries and speak different languages but we can be friends. We are all made by the same God! 

Please be in prayer for the summer.
- Pray that we take every opportunity that God places in front of us as an opportunity to share the Love of God.
- Pray for the travels of all the groups, interns and individuals.
- Pray for health and rest for everyone. 
- Pray for the attitudes for everyone (including me!) when times are tiring and very little down time. 
- Pray that all the details come together =0)

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