Monday 11 February 2013

Food and Community

So, Rod write a great post last night about something that happened in church yesterday... go check it out!

After church, just like every other week we had youth group. After consuming amazing amounts of lasagna we watched a video by Francis Chan about community. About how God created the church for a whole lot more then saying "hi" on sundays or during bible studies. How we should be living in constant community caring, loving, sharing etc.

After the kids had some great things to say about how we can do community better as a youth group.
But, as I sat watching the video and listening to the kids I was thinking about the concept of community. It has been something I have thought about alot since being here in Mexico. I live in a place where people are packed like sardines and the model of community happens all the time. 

I think about how in church yesterday even in the midst of other projects someone cared enough to buy food for those who don't have much. I think about how people it is not the responsibility of the pastor or the missionaries to raise all the money for our church land, but everyone takes part of the responsibility. I think about late night conversations over coffee.

I know that i can "do" community better. I can give more (of my time, of my resources, of my abundance). Sometimes I have to fight the urge to just want to watch a movie alone in my house. Sometimes I have to resist the want to speak english. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how tired i am when someone needs something, I should be willing and want to help.

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