Tuesday 26 February 2013

Just some things.

An update of sorts!

Tonight we took a break from our normal tuesday night bible study with the youth girls to make some button jewelry. I think they loved it!
Every week they have a memory verse... this will give them time to catch up (because if they know all 12 and all the books of the bible by the end of it, there will be some sort of reward!).

(pics below)

Of course the community center is still up and running. The most popular class this block: kids baking and crafts! They have made cake in a mug, ice cream, valentines, pencil holders...  and so much more to come!

A group from Nebraska will be here next tuesday to hang out, play some sports and see the ministry here in Jesus Maria.

Then starting thursday I have people staying in my house for 10 days! Should be fun!

and on a funny note (no, actually its hilarious!) 
A friend of mine wrote to me after I put a photo on facebook "I don't think I trust the bing translate anymore on facebook" I asked why and she said they translated "jaja" to "eggs" take a look!

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