Sunday 3 March 2013

church property, freezing cold and a great day!

I was going to begin writing this blog about how STINKING cold it is. But Rod already did that. So go read his! But seriously, in the evenings... almost hits freezing. Did i mention we don't have heaters?! It is better that we get to see the snow capped volcanoes today! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

Today was  great church service-- well the kiddos were a little squirely (sp?) but good testimonies, reflections, Lords supper and worship!
After church I was able to hang out with the Fry family, Tiff, Fabian and Mel. We went to a really far away, really good buffet that totally blew our diet for the week, but it was worth it!
Then back to the Frys house for a bit before catching the Cirque du Soleil movie with the girls! The movie was--- interesting!

I know that you have read about our church property-- how everyone here is pitching in to help purchase the land! It is pretty incredible watching everyone use whatever talents or abilities they have to raise money (even when they don't have much money to even feed their own family!). I put a photo below of the food sale that happens Fridays and Saturdays! If you want to help us purchase land.... we need to raise about $12000 more (yes, thats in dollars!). If you would like to help--- go here! Every penny helps us!

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